Beginner and Experienced User Butt Plug Training Kit: Discover Safe and Exciting Anal Play


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Discover the pleasure of our Butt Plug Training Kit, crafted with your comfort, safety, and privacy in mind. Enjoy a gradual and satisfying journey into the world of anal play, designed especially for beginners. Experience it for yourself today!

  • Premium Quality Material for Ultimate Comfort
    Our Butt Plug Trainer is expertly crafted from medical-grade silicone, ensuring safety, non-toxicity, and a pleasant scent. With a high level of softness, these plugs are gentle on the body, easy to clean, and won’t trigger allergies.
  • Safety First
    Our Anal Plugs feature T-bar bases, guaranteeing added safety during use. You can confidently wear them for extended periods, experiencing all-day comfort without worry.

  • Designed with Beginners in Mind
    Our Butt Plug is meticulously designed with a tapered tip, ensuring a smooth and relaxed entry. It’s perfect for beginners, offering a comfortable and gradual introduction to anal play.
  • Variety for a Tailored Experience
    With 4 different-sized anal plugs, our set offers a range of experiences. Each plug increases in length and girth, providing a progression from gentle to more substantial insertion. The thoughtful design caters to individual preferences.
  • Respect for Your Privacy
    We take your privacy seriously. Your Butt Plug Trainer will be discreetly packaged, and there are no sensitive words on the label. Your satisfaction and privacy are our top priorities.

  • Material:
    10.5*2.5*4.1/ 11.5*2.8*4.5 / 13*3*5 / 15.5*4*6cm

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