Inflatable Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator:10 Vibration Modes 3 Inflatable Sizes



Product details:

This inflatable prostate massager offers 10 vibration and 3 inflatable sizes, including interval, continuous, and high frequency modes, which provide varied sensations. You can choose the frequency that suits you best.

  • With a simple click of the inflation button, this vibrator automatically expands, allowing you to tailor the size for ultimate fullness and heightened enjoyment. Crafted from premium skin-friendly soft silicone, every moment will be a safe and comfortable delight.
  • Rest easy knowing that the inflatable feature ensures a controlled and limited size, eliminating any concerns of going too far. Our Anal Expansion experience guarantees the utmost safety and enjoyment.
  • To enhance your pleasure journey, our P-spot vibrator comes equipped with a wireless remote, enabling effortless control of both vibration and inflation. The remote boasts an impressive range of approximately 10 meters, granting you the freedom to explore new levels of excitement from a distance.
  • Unveil a world of pleasure and exploration with our Automatic Inflation Anal Plug Vibrator. Discover the perfect size and indulge in thrilling sensations like never before. Elevate your intimate experiences with this innovative and customizable pleasure toy.

  • Material:
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