Prostate Massager Thrusting Vibration Butt Plug with Convenient Remote Control



Product details:

This Waterproof 7 Modes Thrusting Anal Plug Butt Silicone Vibrator. Elevate your pleasure to new dimensions with this versatile adult sex toy designed to provide an unrivaled journey into the world of intimate satisfaction.

  • 7 Modes Thrusting Anal Plug Butt Silicone Vibrator
    Experience a symphony of sensations with the 7 Modes Thrusting Anal Plug Butt Silicone Vibrator. This exceptional creation blends the pleasures of anal play with invigorating vibrations, delivering an experience that caters to your deepest desires.
  • 12 Vibration Modes
    Enjoy a plethora of options with 12 unique vibration modes. From gentle pulses to exhilarating rhythms, each mode unlocks a distinct avenue to pleasure, enabling you to tailor your journey to match your desires.
  • 10 Thrusting Modes
    Elevate your experience further with 10 thrusting modes that replicate the rhythm of intimacy. This feature introduces a dynamic motion that heightens your sensations, offering an experience that closely mimics real-life encounters.
  • Waterproof
    Dive into aquatic ecstasy with the waterproof function. Designed to withstand wet environments, this vibrator invites you to explore intimate pleasures in the bath, shower, or pool, expanding the possibilities of your pleasure journey.

  • Material:

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