Women’s Long Sleeve Lace Dress Sexy High Waist Strap Skinny Sexy Lingerie


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Experience the perfect blend of elegance and seduction with our Sexy Lingerie. The intricate lace design and alluring silhouette create a captivating look that’s both refined and irresistibly sexy.

  • Tempting Lace Sensuality
    Indulge in the world of lace sensuality with our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The delicate lace fabric gracefully embraces your body, leaving just enough to the imagination while igniting desire. Step into a world of alluring intrigue with our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The combination of long sleeves and a high waist creates a silhouette that’s both flattering and enticing.
    Title: Confidence in Every Stitch

  • Elegance in Every Movement
    Experience elegance in every movement with our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The delicate lace fabric flows gracefully, emphasizing your body’s natural grace and adding an air of sophistication to your allure. Craft a seductive silhouette with our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The high waist and figure-hugging design accentuate your curves, creating a look that’s both glamorous and tempting.

  • Graceful Temptation
    Channel graceful temptation in our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The delicate lace detailing and high waist silhouette exude elegance and sensuality, making you the embodiment of refined seduction. Experience intimate elegance with our Long Sleeve Lace Dress. The soft lace fabric and alluring design create an intimate ambiance that’s perfect for special moments and unforgettable nights.

  • Color:
    Bust (in): 32-34 Waist (in): 24-27 Hip (in): 34-37
    Bust (in): 35-38 Waist (in): 28-30 Hip (in): 38-40
    Bust (in): 39-41 Waist (in): 31-33 Hip (in): 41-43
    Mesh Fabric
    Care Instructions:
    Hand wash, do not dry clean

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