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Step into a world of seductive allure with our Sexy Fishnet Body Stocking. The intricate fishnet pattern delicately adorns your figure, revealing just enough to ignite the flames of desire.

  • Daring Bodystocking Elegance
    Elevate your sensual elegance with our body stocking. The body-hugging fishnet fabric molds to your curves, creating a look that’s both daring and elegant. Tease and tempt in our Sexy Fishnet Body Stocking, a garment designed to leave a lasting impression. The revealing fishnet design hints at your sensuality, inviting exploration and intimacy.

  • Unveil Your Passion
    The open fishnet pattern exposes your skin in a way that’s both seductive and irresistible, allowing your inner temptress to shine. Infuse your wardrobe with flirty charm. The playful fishnet pattern adds a layer of captivating intrigue, making every moment a delightful tease.

  • Intimate Revelation
    The open fishnet design reveals glimpses of your skin, creating an air of mystery and inviting exploration. Savor the sensuous sensation of our Sexy Fishnet Body Stocking against your skin. The tactile fishnet fabric paired with the revealing design makes for an unforgettable tactile experience.

  • Color:
    Bust (in): 32-34 Waist (in): 24-27 Hip (in): 34-37
    Bust (in): 35-38 Waist (in): 28-30 Hip (in): 38-40
    Bust (in): 39-41 Waist (in): 31-33 Hip (in): 41-43
    Mesh Fabric
    Care Instructions:
    Hand wash, do not dry clean

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