Women’s Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie


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Experience the allure of our Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie, a seductive piece that showcases your beauty in a mesmerizing mesh design. Let the delicate fabric embrace your body as you step into a world of sensuality.

  • Unveil Your Inner Temptress
    Unveil your inner temptress with our Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie. The see-through mesh delicately drapes your curves, leaving just enough to the imagination and inviting exploration of your desires. Every thread of our Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie is designed to evoke allure and ignite passion. The intricate fishnet pattern creates a visual symphony that captivates and entices.

  • Confidence in Transparency
    The bold design celebrates your body with sheer elegance, empowering you to embrace your sensuality without reservation.
    Step into seductive sheerness with our Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie. The delicate mesh plays a game of reveal and conceal, inviting your admirer’s gaze to explore every contour and curve.

  • Explore the Depths
    The intricate mesh design invites your partner’s touch, creating an intimate connection that awakens passion. Experience captivating comfort with our Long Sleeve Fishnet Lingerie. The soft mesh gently rests against your skin, creating a sensation that’s as enticing as it is luxurious.

  • Color:
    As Pictures Show
    Bust (in): 32-34 Waist (in): 24-27 Hip (in): 34-37
    Bust (in): 35-38 Waist (in): 28-30 Hip (in): 38-40
    Bust (in): 39-41 Waist (in): 31-33 Hip (in): 41-43
    Mesh Fabric
    Care Instructions:
    Hand wash, do not dry clean

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